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Medical Science Liaisons: Gaining Access & Forging Relationships with Key Opinion LeadersKey Leaders

Roles, Resourcing and Management of Medical Science Liaisons

Medical Science Liaison Services Excellence (1)

Medical Science Liaison Services Excellence (2)

Creating and Maintaining a Strategic KOL Management and Engagement System

The iPad: How MSLs Use It to Deliver Science and Data to HCPs

Medical Affairs Consortium 2015 Building Strong Medical Affairs Capabilities

Benchmarking Advisory Board Management At Large Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Organizations

Pharmaceutical New Product Planning. Role and Activities for Medical Affairs



Pharma Medical Affairs 2020 and beyond


MSL Society

What is a Medical Science Liaison?

European KOL Compensation

Aligning the Activities and Goals of Medical Science Liaison Teams for Strengthened Corporate Sustainability


Thomson Reuters

KOL indentification and selection


Pharmaceutical Comanies

Investigator Initiated Trials

Setting up and managing Medical Affairs teams in the Asia Pacific Region