Join the survey to reveal expectations of scientific thought leaders (Russia, China)

With support of MSL Society and ThoughtLeaderSelect company we are doing a survey based research to reveal the expectations and perceptions of scientific thought leaders from collaboration with Medical Affairs teams, as well as the perception of Medical Liaisons/Advisors colleagues of their own roles in emerging markets.


Obtained insights will make it possible to:
(1) inform medical communities and correct gaps in proper understanding of Medical Affairs mission,
(2) provide customer congruent Medical Affairs services and skills,
(3) meet the revealed medical and scientific needs and expectations and
(4) therefore improve access to quality medical services and enhance expansion of modern medicines for the benefit of people.

The survey will cover Russia and China and will be focused on KOLs and Medical Liaisons/Advisors. As a research outcome there will be a cross-country recommendations for pharma industry to optimize the focus of Medical Liaisons and Advisors.

We are open for any kind of contribution to this research, first of all, access to the KOL and Medical Affairs employees contacts. Please feel free to connect in LinkedIn or e-mail if you are interested to contribute.

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